Feb 16, 2012
Calgary Gondola, Proposals & Concepts

Media Reaction to Calgary Gondola

Yesterday, in collaboration with Centre City Talk, Steven Dale gave an presentation on urban gondolas and their applicability in Calgary, Canada. Steven was interviewed by CBC’s Dan Irvine on Calgary Eyeopener. If you’re interested in listening to the podcast and hear what Steven had to say, please click here (Urban gondola discussion starts at 15:08). After the...

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May 18, 2010
Analysis, Design Considerations

Calgary’s Plus 15 Network: The Key to Urban Gondolas?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada is a city of around 1 million people. It’s the financial centre of Canada’s petrol economy and is very, very cold. Average temperatures range from a low of -15°C (5°F) to a high of 10°C (49°F). Calgarians are therefore blessed with a network of elevated walkways called the Plus 15 System. This...

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