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Expo 86 Skyrides – Two of Canada’s Forgotten Urban Gondola Systems

If anyone lived in Vancouver back in 1986, they would probably remember Expo86 — a world’s fair which showcased the best and latest transport technologies from around the globe. It included everything from monorails, HSST, and of course, Vancouver’s famous Skytrain.

And perhaps surprisingly (or not), the event featured two urban gondola systems – both of which were sponsored by two Canadian airline companies (Air Canada and Canadian Pacific). Together they combined to transport over 9.75 million passengers in the span of 5 months.

Expo86 Map - two gondola lines outlined in red.

Expo 86

Skyride sponsored by Air Canada. One of two Expo86 urban gondolas. Image by Flickr user Bob_2006.

Expo '86

Other gondola line sponsored by Canadian Pacific. Image by Flickr user compact collection.

Expo 86

Skyride travelling over venues. Image by Flickr user Jasperdo.

Expo 86

Gondola passing by Science World. Image Flickr user by Jasperdo.

Except for the Skytrain, most of the transport innovations were removed after the Expo. Whatever happened to the two gondola lines remains a mystery for now, however, my guess is that after the system was dismantled, certain parts were recycled for use in other applications.

So despite the fact that the Expo gondolas are no longer operating, I think the pictures of two actual Canadian urban gondolas may have a powerful and positive impact on any Canadian CPT proposal. In other words, while international cable transit examples are helpful, being able to demonstrate and showcase a domestic cable project happening in one’s backyard could potentially bring a proposal back into the realm of possibility.

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