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When Is A Tree Not A Tree?

Can you spot the cell phone tower? Had I not asked, would you have even known you were looking at a cell phone tower? Image via the Toronto Star.

The Toronto Star has an article today about telecom company Bell Canada disguising cell phone towers as trees in cottage country. It’s an admittedly interesting idea though I’m sure some may have issues with the design.

For our purposes, however, (you know where this is going) it certainly opens the debate as to how such an idea could be used to disguise a gondola tower. Good idea? Bad idea? Lame?

I suspect the concept would have significant merit, but the execution would have to be handled delicately, deftly and without compromise. Gondolas are already visually strange enough, we wouldn’t need to exacerbate that problem with some goofy looking Christmas Tree tower.

Perhaps a better way to explore the concept of merging tower infrastructure and greenery would be to look to this example.

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