Oct 11, 2014
Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: French City, Le Havre, Studies Urban Cable Cars; Brno Mayor Promises Urban Gondola by 2017

A quick look at some of the things that happened this week in the world of urban gondolas, cable cars and cable propelled transit: Le Havre, a French city of 250,000, is currently studying the feasibility of building a network of urban cable cars. The report is scheduled for completion by the end of this...

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Aug 21, 2014
Photo of the Week

Cable Car Photo of the Week: Chongqing Yangtze River Cable Car

Photographer:  Photo by Flickr user Clément Belleudy. About: Every Thursday, the Gondola Project team will select stunning captures of CPT lines. We hope this will continue to bring more attention to the technology and provide visually impactful examples of cable car systems worldwide. If you’d like to submit or nominate a picture for our “Photo...

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Feb 11, 2013
Just For Fun

Snack On Top Of Qingtianhe Cable Car

Because human stupidity knows no bounds, two men decided to take a snack on the wild side at Qingtianhe national park in central China. While riding the park’s cable car, the pair somehow managed to open the cabin’s doors, crawl on top of the cabin and indulge themselves in an afternoon snack. Park officials – apparently...

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Oct 18, 2012

4 Hour Cable Car Queue During China’s Golden Week Holiday

Generally speaking, boarding a gondola is a rather straightforward process. You stand in line, purchase a ticket and hop into a cabin. Yet this seemingly painless exercise unfortunately becomes a little bit more difficult (to say the least) when an entire country of 1.3 billion tries to go on vacation all at once. During China’s...

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Sep 05, 2012
Chongquing Cable Car

Chongqing Cable Car Back in Service!

Remember last year when the Chongqing cable car finally closed after 20 plus years in operations? Well, according to Xinhuanet, China’s first CPT system is now back in full swing. For more pictures, click here.  

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May 02, 2012
Just For Fun

Sex in cable cars banned in China (seriously)

The Chinese Province of Henan has put a ban on, well, the gondola equivalent of the “mile high” club following numerous complaints about such activities occurring in one specific park installation. The popularity of the activity, however, appears limited to younger generations as only people born in the 90’s have been forbidden from such mid-air...

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Mar 19, 2012
Just For Fun, Public Transit, Questions

Spare some change? Shangqiu, Henan (China) Public Transport

Fare collection in transit systems have evolved dramatically in the last decades with many large agencies opting for electronic payment systems such as the Oyster Card (London) and Octopus Card (Hong Kong). However, in many places around the world, many people who are unfamiliar with this form of payment still choose to pay using regular...

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Sep 07, 2011

Building American Bridges – In China

Despite the paranoid and near-endless calls by come columnists and pundits for economic austerity measures throughout the developed world, there are those in America calling for much-needed upgrades to that nation’s infrastructure as a way to stimulate job-creation and engage in the patriotic act of nation-building by actually building a nation. The New York Times’...

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Aug 15, 2011
Jul 21, 2011
Engineering, High Speed Rail, High Speed Rail, Innovations, Technologies

High Speed Rail in China – Lessons for the cable industry? (Part 2)

Yesterday’s post High Speed Rail in China – Theft or Innovation? (Part 1) looked at ownership of ideas and innovation, specifically in terms of China’s role in the the advancement of HSR technologies. Following that train of thought (couldn’t help myself!) today I’ll look at what this means for the CPT industry, starting the discussion...

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