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Conceptual Designs Wanted

For the upcoming 2 year anniversary of The Gondola Project, we’d like to dedicate a week purely to conceptual gondola plans created by Gondola Project readers.

Concept plans such as those created for Pittsburgh, Seattle or Toronto invariably spur some of the most interesting discussions on the site and generate a lot of local interest. Furthermore, they take the idea of Urban Gondolas out of the realm of the fantastical and theoretical and ground it in reality.

As such, if you’re a student, professional or armchair enthusiast with an interest in Urban Gondolas and an idea or concept plan for a route or system in your city, please send us an email at gondola (at) creativeurbanprojects (dot) com and we’ll make sure to feature you and your work in late November / early December.

Note: If your concept/idea exists on another website (or your own website), we’ll be happy to link to it.

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