Mar 04, 2014

Temporary Gondolas / Ropeways (Construction and Goods Delivery)

Aside from being great transport systems for cities and ski hills, did you know that cable cars are fantastic tools for construction and goods delivery? Unfortunately, this is one side of ropeway technology that many city folk rarely get to see. Not only are they quick, and easy to set up, their footprints are small...

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Feb 20, 2013
Oakland Airport Connector

Pictures: Oakland Airport Connector Construction Update – February 2013

Construction of the Oakland Airport Connector is well underway and continues to make headway. Thanks to one of our readers, Steven Dorst, we have some new pictures of the construction progress thus far. Check it out.     Thanks again to Steven Dorst for allowing us to share the pictures. If you have any questions...

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Apr 18, 2012
Emirates Air Line

Emirates Air Line (London Cable Car) – CONSTRUCTION photos

We just created a new gallery on our Flickr Account – CUP Projects – which displays the ongoing construction progress of the Emirates Air Line (as of April 5-6, 2012). To access the gallery, click here or the picture above. A big thanks goes to Bob for informing us and allowing us to share these...

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Mar 07, 2012
Emirates Air Line, London Cable Car

Emirates Air Line (Cable Car) – PHOTOS (March 2012)

More photos uploaded by users on Flickr showing the construction progression of the Emirates Air Line (Cable Car) in London. For more pictures, a new thread on Skyscrapercity has been started to document its development.

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