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Cable Cars and Gondolas on Flickr

We’ve been undergoing a pretty significant rebuild/reorganization of the site and it’s progressing well. One thing we’ve wanted to do is improve our integration with Flickr and expand our offerings.

So while our Image Gallery Page lists only 12 different galleries, we’ve actually created a total of 35. They all can be viewed here. We’ll be adding direct links to those galleries to The Gondola Project shortly, but we wanted to share those galleries with you now.

The goal is to get the number of galleries up to around 50 or 60 in the near future.

In addition: You’ll notice that some galleries have been appended with a “(CC)” indicator. These are images that are licensed under the Creative Commons which means you can use them in your own work free of charge.

Galleries without the “(CC)” indicator, meanwhile, are populated with content that is fully copyright-protected.

One of the goals of this site has been to make the “discovery” of cable as easy as possible for researchers, students and reporters. Providing quick and easy access to hundreds of CC-licensed images helps reinforce that goal and we hope they help.

Note: Before using any CC-licensed images in your own work, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with The Creative Commons and understand what your legal obligations and/or restrictions are when using said images. CUP Projects is in no way libel or responsible for misuse of CC-licensed images in your work.

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