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The Gondola Project on Flickr

Since no one on Boxing Day really wants to spend their time learning about anything, and no one has any real need to go anywhere by transit (hopefully), I’ll lay off today.

Instead, I’d just like to draw your attention to the new Flickr badge on The Gondola Project sidebar. Clicking it will take you to The Gondola Project group hosted by Flickr.

As you know there’s scant research out there on Cable Propelled Transit. The Gondola Project Flickr group exists to help alleviate that problem. It allows people to browse images of CPT from around the world. We already have dozens of members and hundreds of photos, but we’re always looking for more.

This is how research is going to be done more and more in the future. One guy sitting in a cubicle reading a report that no one else has ever read (or ever will) just can’t compete against a whole world of people pulling together in a common direction.

Get involved, we’d love your help.

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