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Jeff’s DIY Funicular

Over at Makeprojects Jeff describes how he designed, built and installed an 100-foot long wood and steel pipe funicular for the purposes of “people/firewood/beer moving” at his family cottage.

And despite Jeff’s wood and steel pipe funicular looking about as safe as one can expect a homemade wood and steel pipe funicular to look, it’s apparently safe enough for Jeff to allow his young daughters and wife to ride it, thereby suggesting . . .

  • a) it’s remarkably safe.
  • b) Jeff’s daughters and wife have a death wish.
  • c) Jeff is not a very good husband or father.

Let’s hope it’s the first. Take a look:

Luckily for anyone else who’d like to build one for themselves, he’s included a handy step-by-step how-to:

Home-Built Funicular (Motorized People-Mover System)

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