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Cable Cars, Lesson 4: Dual By-Pass Shuttles

For our new readers: Despite the fact that systems like the planned London Thames Cable Car are often officially called “Cable Cars,” they are more often than not Gondolas. This can be confusing to cable transit novices. To make it easier: Cable Cars are supported from below (like cars) and Gondolas are supported from the top (like ski lift gondolas). This is an error of nomenclature, nothing more.

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At it’s core, a Dual By-Pass Shuttle is nothing more than a fusion of a Single Loop Shuttle and a Dual Loop Shuttle.

The basic concept here is of a multi-station, two vehicle line where both vehicles run on the same set of guide rails – except at the intermediary station(s), whereby the tracks split in order for the vehicles to by-pass one another at a central platform.

A simplified diagram describing how a Dual By-Pass Shuttle operates. The above image depicts a theoretical line with one intermediary station, but it is theoretically possible to have several intermediary stations. Image by CUP Projects.

The advantage of this set-up is to have a similar capacity level as the Dual Loop Shuttle, but with the lower costs and reduced geographic footprint associated with having a drastic reduction in the amount of elevated guideway required.

This cost advantage does, however, come with one major trade-off: Whereas the Dual Loop Shuttle can offer near 24/7 service as it’s two vehicles move independently, Dual By-Pass vehicles operate in tandem with one another. This means if one vehicle is out of operation, both vehicles are out of operation.

Similarly, in times of maintenance and cleaning, the entire system needs to be shut down.

Currently, the only known Cable Propelled Transit system in the world that uses a Dual By-Pass configuration is the new automated people mover in Venice, Italy:

The intermediary station of the Venice APM. Note the track split. Image by Luca Fascia

Notice how when not in the central intermediary station, vehicles operate on a single length of track. Image by Luca Fascia



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