#Elevated Infrastructure

Feb 14, 2012
Infrastructure, Thoughts, Urban Planning & Design

Yurikamome AGT, Tokyo – Coordinated Urbanism

Elevated infrastructure can elicit different responses and reactions from cities and communities. Some find a gap in the underutilized spaces below a structure (such as with the boxing ring built under the Sao Paulo highway) while others enjoy the convenience of well-planned, multi-layered cities. For the latter let us turn to Japan. The Yurikamome (aka Black Headed Seagull) is a 15km elevated...

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Feb 13, 2012
Infrastructure, Urban Planning & Design

Boxing and Highway Viaducts – Ad-Hoc Urbanism

In the past, we’ve discussed the implications of creating aesthetically-pleasing elevated infrastructure (recall the Ranstadrail and Most Beautiful Elevated Transport Infrastructure). While these examples exemplify the capabilities of planned transit infrastructure, I believe informal uses (and their spinoff effects) may deserve a little more attention. One of the most inspiring case studies that I’ve come across...

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Mar 07, 2011
Design Considerations, Urban Planning & Design

More Elevated Beauty

Last week’s post about the Randstadrail and elevated infrastructure (both track and station) generated a few comments and a fair bit of email. Most interesting were the number of emails we received from people pointing out beautiful elevated systems around the world. Without fail, these were systems or installations we’d never ever heard of. With...

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