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Happy Cable Car Day

San Francisco Cable Car. Image by Flickr User hdzimmermann.

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Cable Car Day!

On this very date in 1871 (that’s 141 years ago), the first cable car railway patent was bestowed upon Andrew Smith Hallidie. Legend has it that Hallidie invented the cable car after he saw a horse-drawn streetcar slip and fall on San Francisco’s steep roadways (unfortunately resulting in the death of 5 horses).

Andrew Smith Hallidie, Cable Car Extraordinaire. Image by The Cable Car Museum.

After receiving financial assistance, construction began and the world saw its first cable car  — the Clay Street Hill Railway. This transit technology quickly become an icon in San Francisco and was soon implemented in many cities across the US.

A little known fact is that Andrew Smith Hallidie initially named his system the, “endless wire ropeway“. In my opinion, he should’ve kept that name and we would’ve avoided the whole nomenclature disaster that is now associated with CPT.  But at least this gives us a reason to start a Gondola Day!

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