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Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, Hong Kong: Extreme Engineering – Documentary

Ever wonder how the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car was built? Well luckily for you Extreme Engineering — a documentary television series on Discovery — took some time back in 2005 and followed the cable car team who built the system. It takes you on an epic journey and allows viewers take a closer look at the types of challenges faced by the construction crew — from torrential rains to high winds.

If you have some time, it’s well worth it to watch the entire 40 minute episode –but if not, I’ve highlighted some of the more interesting parts below. Enjoy!

Note: The uploader has incorrectly described the video as the Ocean Park Cable Car in the “About” section on Youtube (the video preview image below is also inaccurate). The Ocean Park Cable Car is a cable car system in a Hong Kong amusement park and is not the Ngong Ping 360 system that is being documented here. 

  • 3:32; 16:20 – how bicable system works
  • 3:55 – route alignment
  • 5:16 – tower 3 aka monster tower: supports ~500 tons, made of 40,000 pieces
  • 17:10Fatzer plant – rope manufacturer, 120 ton track rope
  • 30:40 – installing cross bars
  • 32:35 – system design – 3 sections
  • 33:20 – pulling track cable

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