Mar 31, 2015
Fatzer, Ropes & Cables

Fatzer — Don’t Be Roped In With Massive Legacy Expenses

Imagine dressing for the most important presentation of your career. Your $3,000 hand-tailored suit is perfectly matched with a newly pressed bespoke shirt, bright silk tie, and completed by richly burnished brogues. Then it is utterly spoiled by gym socks. Add several zeroes to that initial sum and you have just pictured the sartorial equivalent to...

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Feb 12, 2013
Ropes & Cables

What Fatzer Teaches The Ropeway Industry About The Urban Market

Recently, I was given a tour of Swiss cable manufacturer Fatzer and learned about a relatively new cable product the company calls their Performa line of cables. Amongst other things, these cables opened my eyes to the wide disconnect of understanding that exists between the traditional ropeway industry and the fast-growing urban market. Let me explain...

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Oct 24, 2012
Engineering, Ropes & Cables

How to make a cable

We’ve talked a bit about cable splicing in the past, but never focused much on the process of actually making a cable. Today we resolve that. Here is a short video (albeit in French) that demonstrates how small steel cables are wound together to create medium-sized cables, which are then spun again with other medium-sized...

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Nov 23, 2011

Could a High Speed Test Installation Result In 65 km/hr Gondolas?

Fatzer AG is an 175 year old Swiss manufacturer and supplier of wire ropes and steel cables who’ve provided ropes for thousands of cable transit systems worldwide. They know a thing or two about this stuff. So it should cause all of us a moment of pause when a company like Fatzer decides to build...

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