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Fliz Bike Concept

The Fliz which is short for Flitzen...which means speeding with your feet. Image from

One of our readers sends us along a link to probably one of the most interesting and bizarre urban mobility contraptions we’ve ever seen. The Fliz – a pedal-less, seat-less, foot-powered bicycle invented by German designers –  has attracted a lot of attention this year. For obvious reasons, it’s been subject to much ridicule and derision but in some cases, has also been commended for its unique design.

According to the inventors, the concept was inspired by the human-powered transport device called the Dandy Horse or Laufmaschine, which many consider to be the precursor of bicycles. While I could attempt to provide a more detailed explanation on how the Fliz works, a video in this case really does a much better job. Enjoy!


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