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Magic Highway USA

Watch the following excerpt from this 1958 episode of Disneyland TV and contemplate it for a few minutes:

Now ask yourself: How many of these inventions and innovations did the narrator virtually guarantee we’d see in our lifetimes?

And how many of them – more than a half a century later – have been realized?

I’ll admit to being drawn to conceptual future travel technologies like any transit geek (the Chinese Tunnel Bus™ for example), but I try to couch those curiosities with a thick dose of reality and practicality.

People might accuse me of being a gadgetbahn aficionado, but I think my interest in Cable Propelled Transit and Urban Gondolas is based on empirical skepticism not fantastical ideology.

It’s that practicality and skepticism – I think – that draws people to cable and gondolas. Not only are they cost-effective and robust, there exists enough examples of the technology to make a compelling argument.

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