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Gondola Project Brochure – Now Available For Download

Over the past week, we’ve been working on the site to make it more user-friendly and accessible to people.

Regular readers will notice significant changes in the header bar, the drop down menus and the ability to access old posts.

We’ve also opened the Gondola Project Forums, so for everyone whose been asking for them (you know who you are ) – get moving!

We also wanted to make it easier for Gondola Project readers to spread the idea of Cable Propelled Transit and Urban Gondolas. As such, we’re making available for download an information brochure about The Gondola Project and cable transit.

The brochure is from last year and is already a bit dated, but does a good job of summarizing the strengths and characteristics of cable transit while similarly dispelling many of the common misunderstandings that exist with the technology.

You can access The Gondola Project brochure via the red link below. Feel free to download the brochure, copy it, share it and do with it as you want – just please don’t alter it.

Download the Gondola Project Brochure

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