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Oct 07, 2015
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Public Transit: Safety Should Never Be Compromised

Note: this is a repost from an original article in 2012. Last week, guest blogger Ryan O’Connor, wrote a brief analysis on the state of HSR (high speed rail) and the potential implications and lessons cable can learn from China’s recent love affair with rail. If you haven’t been keeping up-to-date with transportation news in...

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Aug 15, 2011
Jul 21, 2011
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High Speed Rail in China – Lessons for the cable industry? (Part 2)

Yesterday’s post High Speed Rail in China – Theft or Innovation? (Part 1) looked at ownership of ideas and innovation, specifically in terms of China’s role in the the advancement of HSR technologies. Following that train of thought (couldn’t help myself!) today I’ll look at what this means for the CPT industry, starting the discussion...

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Mar 11, 2011
High Speed Rail, Just For Fun

Mad Men Sell High Speed Rail

If only we had these guys to sell gondolas: Read the interview behind the video here.

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Feb 17, 2011
High Speed Rail

High Speed Rail Killed in Florida

The big news in transit planning circles yesterday was Florida Governor Rick Scott’s rejection of $2.4 billion (yes, billion) in federal funding for the Tampa-Orlando high-speed rail line. While Florida would only have had to come to the table with an estimated $280 million to realize the project (approximately 10% of the total cost), Scott...

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Oct 18, 2010
High Speed Rail

Our Outsourced Rails

Last week, the New York Times ran an interesting debate between several economists and urban scholars regarding the place and future of High Speed Rail in America. Generally speaking, the two sides that emerged from the conversation are as follows: CON: High Speed Rail (HSR) is expensive and too risky. Americans drive (a lot) and...

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