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Hochzeitsgondel aka The Wedding Gondola

At an elevation of 1455m, Großer Arber is the highest mountain in Germany’s Bavarian Forest and home to one of the country’s most famous ski resorts. The site is popular for its variety of summer and winter recreational activities which includes sightseeing, hiking and much more.

After riding a gondola to the peak, visitors can relax in the Eisenstein Hut and take in the beautiful panoramic views of the forest and glacial lakes below.

Image from Wikipedia.

And if that wasn’t enough, to further take advantage of the site’s natural beauty, resort owners have decided to create an experience for couples unlike any other on the planet.

Now we’ve seen many lovebirds get married on cable cars such as Roosevelt Island, and La Paz but the Hochzeitsgondel is probably the only system in the world with a fully decked out wedding gondola.

Wedding gondola complete with horse and carriage. Image from T Online.

Bride and groom preparing to enter their love gondola. Image from Zeit Online.

Does the cabin look a little cheesy? Perhaps to some but that hasn’t stopped the 50 or so couples that book the gondola every year. Putting our opinions on aesthetics aside, one thing is for certain though: if you’re looking for a way to tie the knot in the most unmistakable fashion possible, then the hochzeitsgondel is definitely the way to do it.

For more information on how you can wow you and your bride to be and float your way into holy matrimony, click here.

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