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Nov 08, 2016
Ngong Ping 360, System Dossier

System Dossier: Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car (Hong Kong)

Over the last half century, Hong Kong has established itself as one of the world’s leading financial centers and is continually ranked as one of the best places to start a business. However, there is more to the city than just stocks and skyscrapers. This dynamic and vibrant metropolis is a fusion of many cultures....

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Oct 21, 2013
Light Rail & Streetcars

The Economics of Hong Kong’s Trams

Last week the New York Times ran an interesting piece on Hong Kong’s historic street-level trams. These double-decker, non-air-conditioned relics are apparently quite the workhorses. According to the Times the trams move 200,000 (220,000 according to Wikipedia) people per day along the 13 km route with 1.5 minute headways between vehicles—and,despite zero government subsidies, they do so...

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Nov 08, 2012
Design Considerations, Marketing Issues, Research Issues

World’s Cutest Transit Vehicle: Hello Kitty Tram & Transit Ridership/Marketing

Over the years at the Gondola Project, we’ve probably seen some of the world’s most awesome-looking and unconventional transit vehicle designs. However, when it comes down to the world’ most kawaii (Japanese for cute) mode of transport, the Hello Kitty Trams seen around the world is by far the clear winner (I challenge you to find a...

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Aug 29, 2012
Just For Fun, Ngong Ping 360

Swearing on Public Transit Can Get You Fined

Riding public transit can be an overwhelmingly positive experience. You don’t have to drive in traffic, you get to read your favourite book, and you can save money. However, any regular transit rider knows that once in a while, something always happens which gives you that urge to just vent out a little (or a...

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