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Soccer Hooligans Riding Gondolas

Guys like these, for example. CC image by flickr user Greg Robbins.

Recently I attended a public consultation for a proposed urban cable car. The system would would link a historic town centre with a nearby shopping complex and soccer stadium.

While everyone was generally quite positive, I was confronted with a question I’d never heard before:

Soccer stadia tend to attract soccer hooligans. What happens after the game lets out? What about soccer hooligans riding the gondolas? Isn’t that going to be a problem?

Generally speaking, I’ve heard just about every question you can think of about urban gondola systems, but this was entirely new to me. But it is, of course, a valid question that deserves to be addressed seriously.

What does one do about soccer hooligans riding the gondolas?

I have a few ideas about how to deal with the problem, but I’d rather throw this one out to our readership and see what they think.

How would you deal with the issue of soccer hooligans riding gondolas?

(Note: While I have no evidence to support this claim, I suspect this is the only time in human history where someone has written the phrase “soccer hooligans riding gondolas.” If you have evidence to the contrary, please provide it in the comments below.) 

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