#Hybrid Funicular

May 29, 2012
Hybrids, Stoos Funicular

World’s Steepest Funicular Coming to Stoos

I love when I stumble across these kind of things . . . Over the weekend I was visiting some friends in the alpine village of Stoos – a village I’d never been to. I figured there’d be some form of cable-propelled transit system we’d need to use in order to get up the mountain and...

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Jan 14, 2010
Analysis, Case Studies, Hybrids, Innsbruck, Innsbruck Hungerburgbahn, Installations, Technologies, Urban Planning & Design

The Hungerburgbahn (Part 1)

Last month I toured the Hungerburgbahn CPT system in Innsbruck, Austria. There is much to say about this system, so I’ve broken the column into 3 parts. This is Part 1. The importance of the Hungerburgbahn in Innsbruck, Austria cannot be overstated.  Given its unique Hybrid Funicular technology and elegant organic station design by renowned...

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