Mar 27, 2012
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What The Death of The Sydney Monorail Teaches Us About Techno-Zealotry

On the recent news of the soon-in-the-offing death of the Sydney Monorail, Jarrett Walker at Human Transit had this to say: Technophile commenters will doubtless chalk this up the Sydney decision as a defeat for monorails in general.  I disagree.  It’s a defeat for one-way loops, poor connectivity, and symbolic as opposed to actual mobility....

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Apr 16, 2010
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To Investigate Or Not To Investigate

I was recently confronted with an argument against Cable Propelled Transit which I’d never heard before and it intrigued me. Okay, maybe it wasn’t an argument exactly, but it was certainly a challenge: Is it a wise idea to investigate another new transit technology? Given how long it currently takes for government to decide upon,...

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