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The Rostock/Munich Lift is on a Mountain

Remember the garden exhibition lift that first appeared in Rostock (IGA) in 2003 then was disassembled and reassembled in Munich (BUGA) in 2005?

Rostock 2003 / Munich 2005 gondola

Turns out, immediately following the BUGA show, the system was once again taken down and rebuilt … on a mountain. Yup, 40% of the system was re-used to construct the Imberg gondola lift at the Steibis ski resort in Bavarian Allgäu (southern Germany). And all in a matter of months — the dismantling starting in October and the system was in operation by mid-December of the same year.

The "new" 8-seater Imbergbahn MDG gondola

The Imberg gondola replaced a 54 year old chair lift.

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