Apr 10, 2012
Design Considerations, Eagle Express, Hasliberg, Infrastructure

Urban Gondola Infrastructure vs. Urban Gondola Architecture

The other week we talked about the difference between those features that are intrinsic to a transit technology and those things that are extrinsic. Intrinsic features are those things that make a technology what it is; they define it. Extrinsic features, meanwhile, are those items and factors that affect the cost or operation of the...

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Sep 06, 2010
Urban Planning & Design

Elevated Beauty

Elevated roadways, busways, light rail lines, subways, automated people movers and cable cars are far cheaper to build than underground systems. They’re not as cost-effective as street-level systems, but street level systems are subject to all the whims and unpredictability of intermingling with other forms of traffic. Problem is, most architects, urban designers and politicians...

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