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Sunday Statshot with Nick Chu

A quick look at some of the things that make intercity bus travel work (or not):


With the launching "Megabus", intercity bus travel is no longer confined to seedy bus depots and is actually no longer considered a last resort travel option. It's popularity has skyrocketed - esp amongst young adults. Image by flickr user Shreyans Bhansali.

Fastest growing form of intercity travel: Buses

Number of intercity bus trips in 1960: 140 million

In 1990: 40 million

% decrease in intercity bus service between 1980-2002: 50.6%

“Curbside” bus carrier – Megabus – inauguration date: 2006

First time in 40 years intercity bus travel grew: 2007

Percentage of Megabus riders between age of 18-34: 50%

Median annual income for male workers aged 25-34 in 1980: $46,700

In 2008: $40,000

Percentage more average wage worker earned in 1970 than today: 18%

Percentage of riders booking their Megabus tickets online: 90%

Cost per mile of Megabus ride: $0.08

Amtrak: $0.33

Plane: $0.62

Car: $0.28

Annual passengers: 4 million

Percentage increase in ridership in 2010: 48%

Amtrak ridership increase: 6%

Airline industry ridership increase: 5%

Number of gallons of fuel reduced due to curbside bus carriers: 11 million

Equivalent: 24,000 cars off the road

Curbside bus passenger miles travelled per gallon of fuel burned: 196

Conventional bus: 136

Intercity rail: 66

Cars: 44

Carbon emissions reduced: 242 million pounds

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