Jul 15, 2013
Genoa Cabinovia, Proposals & Concepts

Genoa Funivia/Cabinovia: First Aerial Cable Car Connection to an Airport?

While many bottom-supported CPT lines already exist for internal airport transport (i.e. Birmingham, Toronto, Mexico City), top-supported CPT systems connecting to an airport have yet to materialize. However, this may soon change as a plan coming from Genoa, Italy proposes to link a future rail station to the airport via an aerial gondola. Thanks to...

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Oct 10, 2012
Aerial Trams, Case Studies, Design Considerations, Installations

Meran 2000 Bergbahn

There is more than one intriguing feature to the Meran 2000 Bergbahn, an aerial ropeway built in 2010 at the Merano 2000 ski resort in South Tyrol, Italy. At first the it may appear to be a simple (yet stunning) two-cabin tram — the stations are small, the system branded a vibrant red, and the...

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Apr 16, 2012
Italy, Livigno, Uncategorized, Underground Gondola

Underground Gondola In Livigno, Italy

A while back we discussed the challenges associated with finding information and images of specific gondola systems around the world. In that post, we made particular note of a ski resort installation in Livigno, Italy. That system had an underground station which (obviously) has dramatic implications for urban environments. As luck would have it, people...

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