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Gondola Tunes

In Aspen you can play your iPod in a gondola. Just hope none of your friends want to listen to Nickelback... Image by The Ski Channel.

Commuting to work on public transit can give you a chance to catch up on sleep , read, do work, avoid the hassle of finding parking, etc etc. However, it can also be stressful — overcrowding, lack of personal space and unfamiliarity with transit routes can all be frustrating.

But now the Silver Queen Gondola in Aspen, Colorado may offer a simple improvement by letting riders play their own music. That’s right, each cabin features an onboard MP3 dock. One reason this works is because a gondola is a small, contained vehicle. While you’d never get an entire subway train to agree to a song or even genre of music, if you were commuting with a small group of friends or acquaintances,a consensus is most likely reached.

While this add-on is no panacea to the ills of riding transit and could potentially be a source of irritation to some passengers, it does demonstrate the opportunities for personalizing travel experiences, especially with CPT technology.

Who wouldn’t want to add a little fun and enjoyment to their daily commute? Now the only problem will be deciding on who’s Ipod to use…

Thanks goes to Anna Hill for informing us of this system. 



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