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Flashback: 1991

Thanks (we think) to Gareth for sending us perhaps the strangest gondola-related picture in the history of the site.

So my old friend Gareth sends along the photo to the left and a whole swarm of questions flash through my mind: 

a) Doesn’t my aunt have that exact same sweater?

b) What was the last Jackie Chan movie I actually saw?

c) Should men wear pants that tight in public?

d) Will fashion high tops ever come back into style?

e) How much more awesome would that photo be if Jackie Chan were holding a cigarette in his right hand?

f) 1991 couldn’t have been that long ago, could it?


Answers: a) Yes. b) Rumble in the Bronx. c) No. d) I hope not. e) So much more awesome. f) It was.


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