#La Paz Cable Cars

Jan 06, 2015

5 Urban Cable Car Developments to Follow in 2015

When the clock struck midnight on January 1, the most pressing transit question for 2015 seemed to be: “When do we get our hoverboards?” Aside from the thrill of living in the actual year of everyone’s favourite time-travel movie sequel — albeit without the gravity-defying skateboards — 2015 also offers some new reality-based ways to...

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Sep 14, 2012
La Paz Urban Gondolas, Medellin MetroCable, Our Lady of the Rockies Gondola

Weekly Roundup: Bolivia To (Officially) Build Largest Urban Cable Car Network

A quick look at some of the things that happened this week in the world of cable cars, urban gondolas, and cable propelled transit: Bolivian President Evo Morales officially signs paperwork to build the world’s largest cable transit network. To be completed by 2014, the network of 3 lines will span 10.7 km and have...

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