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Help Support The SFU Burnaby Mountain Gondola

Regular readers of The Gondola Project are familiar with the difficulties the Burnaby Mountain gondola has experienced getting off the ground (pun intended).

The proposed system – which is to serve the student, faculty and resident population of Simon Fraser University (SFU) – while having significant merit, has hit a couple of roadblocks along the way. But that hasn’t prevented the Simon Fraser University Association from throwing their collective weight in favour of it.

The student association has launched a grassroots campaign called I Like It On Top (pun presumably intended) as a means to convince politicians, locals and stakeholders that the “Gondola (should be) a priority by raising the profile of current transit issues surrounding Burnaby Mountain.”

And just to prove how serious they are about this; the students’ association has even put up two grand of cold, hard cash money as bounty for the SFU students who generate the most creative techniques and strategies to make this thing happen.

Have a good idea how to help them realize their goals? Submit your ideas by April 7th.

Wanna learn more about the SFU Burnaby Mountain Gondola? Download the full business case here.

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