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The Longest Cable Car in the World: The Forsby-Köping Limestone Cableway, Sweden

The Forsby-Köping Cableway. Image by flickr user Arvid Rudling.

Sooner or later you’re going to run into someone that preaches as gospel that cable cars can’t do this or can’t do that. Typically, the argument is that cable cars can’t turn corners, can’t have intermediary stations and can’t be built in long configurations. Doesn’t matter whether that’s true or not, they’ll speak it like the word of God.

If you ever find yourself dealing with one of those people, tell them about the Forsby-Köping Limestone Cableway in Sweden.

Like the Norsjö Ropeway before it, the Forsby Cableway does just about everything to dispel any myths you may have about cable car transit systems. Built in 1939, the Forsby is currently the world’s longest functional cable car system. How long? 42 kilometres long.

Let’s ignore for the moment the fact that it’s gondolas carry limestone not people and instead focus on this: 74 years ago Europeans built a 42 kilometre long bicable gondola system. It crossed rails, roads, rivers and lakes. It had five stations. It had three distinct turning stations. It’s still running to this day.

Again: 74 years ago.

Sadly, this landmark system is going to be demolished later this year, though heritage preservationists are trying to prevent it. Here’s hoping they do. And if they don’t, you might as well see it while you can.

If this thing doesn't convince you, nothing will. Image by flickr user Arvid Rudling.

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