Nov 20, 2012
Just For Fun, Marketing Issues, Public Engagement & Community Outreach

Most Successful Transit Advertisement Campaign Ever?

If you haven’t seen it already, Melbourne Metro Trains just launched one of the world’s most successful transit safety awareness campaigns ever – that’s 11 million Youtube hits in 6 days! Whether or not it will reduce accidents remains to be seen. However, there’s one thing that’s certain, I can’t get this song out of...

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Nov 08, 2012
Design Considerations, Marketing Issues, Research Issues

World’s Cutest Transit Vehicle: Hello Kitty Tram & Transit Ridership/Marketing

Over the years at the Gondola Project, we’ve probably seen some of the world’s most awesome-looking and unconventional transit vehicle designs. However, when it comes down to the world’ most kawaii (Japanese for cute) mode of transport, the Hello Kitty Trams seen around the world is by far the clear winner (I challenge you to find a...

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