Nov 17, 2011
Just For Fun, Oddities

Astrophysicist Proposes Solar-Powered Moon Gondola

Here’s something we’ve never (and I do mean never) seen before: The American Museum of Natural History is about to open an exhibition titled Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration. The exhibition was curated by astrophysicist Michael Shara and includes his proposal for a jaw-droppingly “simple” means of creating a permanent transit link between the moon to...

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Aug 12, 2011
Gondola Project Forum, Innovations, Just For Fun, Oddities, Technologies, Thoughts

FORUM FRIDAYS: Gondolas to the Moon?

This week on the Gondola Project forum, in response to last week’s post about the future of aerial transit, there was a video response with the Jetson’s theme song displaying the idea of personalized flying mobiles. This got me thinking about both science fiction and outer space (since everything in that show appears to be...

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