Aug 23, 2011
Algerian Gondolas

The Problem With ‘Téléphériques’

One of the challenges urban gondola transit and cable propelled transit must overcome is the issue of nomenclature. This is something we talk about a fair bit here at The Gondola Project (here, here and here, for example) and it appears to have contributed to some of our own confusion about the Algerian Gondolas. Let...

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Mar 24, 2011
London Cable Car, Research Issues

The London Thames Cable Car / Aerial Tram / Gondola / Whatever

Alright. I know I complain about the nomenclature issue a lot, but this is getting ridiculous. Planetizen published the following update on the approved London Thames Cable Car (Gondola): London Approves Aerial Tram Over River An aerial gondola system will be built over the Thames River in London ahead of the 2012 Summer Olympics. “Expected...

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Mar 10, 2011
Research Issues

The San Francisco Teleferico: Why Gondola Transit Nomenclature Could Be An Issue

San Francisco’s California Street Cable Car line is under-going a major rebuild. As such, Muni (the San Francisco Transit agency) felt the need to inform the public via signs, press releases, websites etc. The Spanish translation of the press release, however, referred to the cable cars as “telefericos.” As any regular reader of The Gondola...

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