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The (Abandoned) Okutama Ropeway

The (Abandoned) Okutama Ropeway: Haikyo, Saitama via Graveyard Girl on Tumblr.

Scott W. sent me a link to the photo above of the clearly abandoned Okutama Ropeway in Haikyo, Saitama Japan.

Beautiful, eerie and fascinating.

If you’re interested in the Okutama Ropeway, I’d encourage you to check out author and photographer Michael John Grist’s photo essay on the abandoned system. It’s a stunner. Out of respect for his copyright, I’m not posting his photos here directly – you’ll have to click the provided link and visit his site yourself. Do it; it’s worth it.

Meanwhile, if you’d like something Blair Witch Project worthy, you might like this video via youtube:

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