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One Window for Gondola Transit

Image by flickr user ztephen.

At some point during any long-haul flight, the cabin crew will shut off all the lights so everyone can try and get a few hours of precious (and desperately uncomfortable) sleep. To help the process, everyone closes their window shields to block out the sunlight.

But without fail, there’s always one person who leaves their window shield open to read, work or just plain look out the window. And that one single window illuminates the entire cabin, disturbing the darkness and making sleep impossibly difficult for most. You can’t escape it.

All it takes is one window to let the light in.

Medellin was cable transit’s one window. Now – at least in the English-speaking world – we’re searching for that second window.

And like on an airplane, we have no idea where that open window will be; how close we’ll be sitting to it; or who will be the one to open it.

But we know it’s going to happen.

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