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Social Media to Shame Bad Parking in Russia

Parking for many of us in North America is often taken for granted, particularly for those who reside in the sprawling suburbs. By-laws generally ensure that parking is ample and built to accommodate peak parking demand.

However in many places around the world parking is a scarce commodity, especially in economically rising cities where car ownership is now within grasp for the general populace. This has resulted in many motorists parking haphazardly wherever and whenever they please, regardless of the inconvenience and dangers it causes to other users.

Notably, people in Russia are so fed up with inconsiderate parkers that a digital newspaper named The Village has developed an app to curb this type of behaviour. This app is befittingly named, Parking D*uche and it enables people to upload pictures of bad parking. In turn, pictures are sent to ad banners that are targeted through IP addresses to locations near where these cars were parked. These banners appear as pop-ups on a website and can be removed if they are shared on Facebook.

Publicly shaming these individuals via social media is definitely an innovative approach to mitigating this problem and I’d love to see if this app lives up to its potential. However, it seems to me that humiliating these d*uches on Facebook may have little effect in the long run and could potentially have the opposite effect. After all, d*uches tend to crave negative attention and giving them more attention will probably just feed their appetite to become bigger d*uches.

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