#Pearson Airport

May 23, 2012
Media & Blogs

Toronto Star Profiles Toronto’s “Only Cable-Propelled Transit”

Yesterday, the Toronto Star profiled Toronto’s “only cable-propelled transit” system – Pearson Airport’s Link APM cable car connector. It’s a good article and worth taking a look at, especially as they discuss how an upcoming rail connection to downtown Toronto will integrate with the existing system. Apparently the rail line will arrive “on a rail spur...

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May 17, 2011
Cable Cars

Cable Cars, Lesson 3: Dual Loop Cable Shuttles

For our new readers: Despite the fact that systems like the planned London Thames Cable Car are often officially called “Cable Cars,” they are more often than not Gondolas. This can be confusing to cable transit novices. To make it easier: Cable Cars are supported from below (like cars) and Gondolas are supported from the top...

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