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Touring the Sea to Sky Gondola

To the summit we go! Image by Nicholas Chu.

Ascending to the summit at Sea to Sky Gondola. Image by Nicholas Chu.

For a country that is as large, rugged, and beautiful as Canada, one might assume that the landscape would be inundated with sightseeing cable cars.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the Great White North has only a handful of gondolas (i.e. ropeways with fully enclosed cabins) located outside ski resorts.

Luckily for those visiting the west coast, the Sea to Sky Gondola has helped expand the list of scenic aerial systems in Canada. Since the gondola launched in May 2014, it has effectively “opened up” some of the country’s most breathtaking vistas.

Location and System

The gondola is a 1.9km MDG system, situated in Squamish and is located immediately off the famous Sea to Sky Highway — a major freeway travelled by over 9.5 million cars each year. The town has a small population (17,000) and is a mid-point between the bustling urban centre of Vancouver and the world-renowned ski-resort, Whistler. Read more

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