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Children’s Playground on Commuter Train


A children's playground located within the upper floors of one of Swtizerland's commuter rail lines. Image by Steven Dale.

What you’re looking at above is a children’s playground located in a Swiss train. I came across this purely by accident yesterday so I have little to no information about what can only be described as every child’s public transit fantasy wonderland.

We’re assuming this is a relatively new development, but have no confirmation of the fact.

If any of The Gondola Project’s large number of German-speaking readers has any details on this (or knows where to get details), please post any information you have in the comments section.

Of particular note, we’d like to know the following:

  • Is this a new program?
  • Is it a pilot program?
  • What was the impetus behind the idea?
  • Has it proven useful?
  • What’s the public’s reaction to it?
  • Is it as amazing as we hope it is?

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