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An Urban Cable Car for Prague?

So apparently Prague is the latest city to get in on the urban cable car game. From we learn that city authorities have approved a series of “proposed changes to the territorial plan, which would enable the realization of (a 2 km long cable car project).” The system would connect the district of Barrandov with the Nové Butovice metro station in southwest Prague.

Now before we get all excited, there’s a few major caveats here:

  • Despite the fact that studies have been done and territorial plan changes made, the authorities in question don’t have the money to realize the project. This suggests that a private company is going to have to come in to finance the deal in some sort of Private Public Partnership. We know this because the system will be operated by the local transit authority.
  • Given a reported speed of 7-10 metres per second and two 60-person cabins, we can assume this to be an Aerial Tram. Why an Aerial Tram was selected instead of a Gondola-based system is not discussed. We can assume there will be no intermediate stations.
  • Political opponents of the system claim it will adversely effect the environment and is nothing more than a diversion away from issues of embezzling of public funds. No evidence is given to support either claim.
No matter what, we’ll follow developments on this system. Hopefully it turns into something more than the exciting but ill-fated Bucharest Cable Car.


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