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Sunday Statshot with Nick Chu: Urban Transit Speeds

Mexico City - IBM ranked as the world's worst place to drive. Average speed during peak hour traffic times: from the looks of it.. probably 0.

A look at some of the things that make urban transit speeds laudable (or laughable) when compared to speeds achieved by other (in)animate beings on planet earth:

Sloth speed: 0.12km/h

Goldfish speed: 1.38km/h

Average human walking speed: 4.5km/h

Michael Phelps’ speed during 100m butterfly: 7.1km/h

Average  vehicle speed in Jakarta: 10km/h

Average Toronto streetcar speed: 12-13km/h

Average urban bicycling speeds: 14-16 km/h

San Francisco Cable Car average speed: 15km/h

New Delhi’s average traffic speed: 15km/h

Medellin’s Metrocable Line K average speed: 17km/h

Portland Aerial Tram average speed: 20km/h

Estimated average speed of Sheppard LRT Line: 22km/h

Chicago subway average speed: 24km/h

Wuppertal Schwebebahn average speed: 26km/h

Average subway speeds in Toronto: 30km/h

Usain Bolt’s average speed in 100m race: 37km/h

Lance Armstrong’s average speed during 2005 Tour de France: 42km/h

Lance Armstrong’s record average speed: 53km/h

Amtrak’s average speed: 112km/h

Cheetah speed: 120km/h

Beijing-Tianjin high speed rail average speed: 234km/h

Santa’s speed while delivering presents: 1,080,000,000 km/h

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