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Snack On Top Of Qingtianhe Cable Car

Because of course someone thought this was a good idea.

Because human stupidity knows no bounds, two men decided to take a snack on the wild side at Qingtianhe national park in central China.

While riding the park’s cable car, the pair somehow managed to open the cabin’s doors, crawl on top of the cabin and indulge themselves in an afternoon snack.

Park officials – apparently and completely redundantly – warned other visitors of the risks involved in such a stunt after which they also reminded visitors of the dangers of pole vaulting in lightening storms and opening airplane doors mid flight.

Entirely absent from any reports on this incident are the following:

  • How did these two men manage to open the cabin doors?
  • Are these cabins designed such that they can be opened from the inside?
  • If so, don’t park officials think that’s, like, a really bad idea?

Requests for the answers to those breathtakingly simple questions were not immediately returned.

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