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Weekly Roundup: The Park-2-Park Gondola in Vancouver?

The wittily named "Park-2-Park Gondola" is one of 100 entries into Vancouver's re:CONNECT competition.

A few highlights from around the world of Urban Gondolas, Gondola Transit, and Cable Propelled Transit:

  • An entry in Vancouver’s re:CONNECT competition proposes a “Park-2-Park” gondola connecting False Creek Flats and Stanley Park.
  • The New York Times Magazine profiles the Mashpi Rainforest Biodiversity Reserve. In the article makes passing mention of an under-construction “aerial tram from which four cable cars will glide like tropical ski gondolas through the tree canopy.” Does anyone know anything about this installation? The mention of four cable cars is particularly bizarre. Any information would be appreciated.

Which gives us a chance to show this picture again - which we love. Image via

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