Oct 28, 2014
History, Infrastructure

Military Cable Cars

Guest post by Ross Edgar. Over the years, the Gondola Project has discussed numerous different applications of Cable Propelled Transit (CPT), highlighting the versatility and adaptability of such technology. However, one particular avenue of CPT remains largely unexplored: military cable systems. Military applications of CPT do not readily spring to mind, yet in Alpine nations...

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Dec 06, 2012

The Salzburg Festungsbahn and Reisszug Funiculars

This is a guest post by Ross Edgar. The Salzburg Festungsbahn is a funicular railway that transports tourists from the historic heart of Salzburg to the Hohensalzburg Castle — impressively perched on a steep hill overlooking the city. The Salzburg fortress is one of three castles that was rapidly expanded during the Thirty Years’ War...

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