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Wanna Learn About Cable Cars?

One question I’m repeatedly asked is some variation on this:

Why is it so hard to learn about cable and meet people within the cable transit industry? How does one even start in the industry? 

Want a simple (albeit overly so) answer to the question?

Consider this:

There is no known university or college in the world that provides a specialized education in ropeway technology. Not one. There isn’t a place young people can, for example, major in English Literature and minor in Mechanical Ropeway Engineering. You want to learn ropeways, you basically start right out of high school or college, apprentice with a company and – as is typical for the industry – you stay in the industry for life.

At best, I’ve heard rumours that there exists a small technical school in Europe that now offers a course or two on ropeway engineering, but that’s about it.

The industry is incredibly close-knitted and that’s one of its beauties. But it’s close-knitted to a point where it’s becoming problematic for any of their attempts to move outside the ski lift market.

After all, an industry that doesn’t interact with the outside world cannot expect the outside world to interact with them.

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