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The Bizarre Search Terms That Led People To The Gondola Project (This Month)

Google: Sending you completely irrelevant traffic since 1998

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to get a handle on our traffic here, where it’s been coming from and what people have been looking for. For that, I’ve obviously been using Google Analytics.

Now there’s no question that Google’s presence and ubiquity have allowed sites like The Gondola Project to flourish across the world. But sometimes one has to imagine Google’s just making it up as they go along. In the last month alone, the search terms listed below have all led people here.

Some make a degree of sense, others not so much:

  • mindblowing words for a drunkard
  • prosciutto too salty
  • elastic propelled cable car
  • singapore’s debate over cctv in malls
  • a better word for cheap
  • around the world with elevate
  • average speed of a chickadee
  • what is the maximum speed of a chickadee?
  • bad traffic by public transportation
  • most massive 10 infrastructers in the world
  • turkey
  • in times of problem
  • where in toronto can i get a caricature done off a picture on a gondola?
  • the swiss government isn’t that great
  • the 10 most beauty in love
  • peeping into condos or apartments
  • why new zealand is better than any country

My personal favourite is “turkey” followed very closely by “the swiss government isn’t that great.” Thankfully, these are the rarities.

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