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Happy Birthday, Gondola Project

Image via flickr user ateliertally.

Today’s the 2nd Anniversay of The Gondola Project.

(Technically, our posts go back to November 1, 2009 but we actually went live on December 1, 2009 with 30 prewritten and posted sites – but, whatever, I digress.)

In the two years time we’ve been around, we’ve grown our readership to hundreds of unique visitors per day; been profiled in media outlets throughout North America; and spurred the planning and implementation of several urban gondola projects and systems worldwide.

Perhaps more important than the projects we’ve been directly involved in kickstarting, are the projects we don’t know about but have indirectly helped. We’re most proud of those.

We just wanted to take the time to thank everyone whose supported the site, told their friends and shared the ridiculous notion that one can use ski lifts as public transit – and in certain situations makes a whole lot of sense.

Thanks so much for everything! We couldn’t have done it without you all!

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