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Sex in cable cars banned in China (seriously)

The Chinese Province of Henan has put a ban on, well, the gondola equivalent of the “mile high” club following numerous complaints about such activities occurring in one specific park installation. The popularity of the activity, however, appears limited to younger generations as only people born in the 90’s have been forbidden from such mid-air extra-curricular activities – implying, of course, that the sky’s the limit for anyone else.

It’s hard to tell if this is actually a thing – as in, this is something that’s a real, actual problem that needed to be addressed; or if it’s just an-overreaction to one or two isolated incidents.

Either way, you can be certain of two things.

Firstly: People who don’t like the idea of using gondolas as transit will use this as an argument against the technology.

Secondly: Those companies that install closed-circuit cameras in gondolas are likely to see a dramatic increase in their business.

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